Leisa Schaim

The Transiting Saturn Story

It has been my nature since the beginning to have that perennial wonder about why difficult things happen to people who seem like they are doing everything they should be. Having gone through some tough things myself as well as watching others do the same, I was a bit puzzled after getting into astrology to hear Saturn so frequently discussed as only giving just consequences for your work or lack thereof, which didn’t match up with what I saw in a decent number of people's lives and charts. This seemed to me quite similar to casual religious ideas that God will only punish those who are undeserving; it also seemed to be at odds with many people's social justice views, with the implicit understanding that hard things can happen to people without them necessarily being personally the cause. I’ve been comparing this idea to what happens in practice for a while now, tracking it with the Saturn return previously, and discussing it this time in the context of the whole Saturn cycle.

Basics of Electional Astrology

In contrast, my second lecture on Electional Astrology Basics is a more playful and technically-focused lecture. Electional astrology to me is like a fun technical puzzle, a nice thing to alternate with more holistic and counseling-oriented natal consultations. The original genesis of me getting into doing this was, paradoxically, learning more ancient astrological distinctions and observing that things seemed more fated than I had originally envisioned. I had a bit of a mental adjustment period, as many people do with that, and I remember contemplating one day that perhaps electional astrology might suit me as one way of using astrology proactively within what is potentially under one’s control. It’s also a great arena for the philosophically inclined to occasionally observe some of the subtle interplays between fate and free will, as you can watch how natal charts sometimes seem to affect the possible elections in meaningful ways.