Patricia Walsh

Evolution and Soul-Making – Pluto in Transit

Multi-Dimensional Astrology – Engaging the Living Soul of the Archetypes

Imagination is the language of the soul. Myth, metaphor and symbolism. Astrology is rife with all three. And they breathe life into things we think are inanimate, like the planets. When we talk about them, when we connect to the archetypes, we experience them as they are – living. Astrology really should be a channel for that process, understanding that each person has their own experience of an archetype rather than assuming that it’s the same for everyone. That way we can be the midwife of both the experience and the mystery that accompanies seeking the wisdom of the psyche. I’ve been integrating the whole field of the imaginative capacity of the mind as part of my practice for a long time. And, clearly I am passionate about using imagery, storytelling and astrodrama as a way to move towards healing rather than living in a heady space. It really is our archaic inheritance to use our right brain but we are so estranged from it. I respect academic vigor but living in the rational mind alone leads to the soul shrivelling up and dying. Which, to me, is heart-breaking.