Gary Caton

Astrology, Alchemy and the Four Elements

Predictive Applications of Planetary Nodes and Retrograde Loops

Way back when, I got a scholarship and off I went to college. And I discovered that all this dry, academic stuff wasn’t for me. I wanted out. But where to go, what to do? I felt soulless; there was no magic, no mystery. And what I really wanted was that feeling of magic. For a long time, I hitchhiked and drifted around, still uncertain about how to create the magic I so deeply craved. I struggled, I was poor but I kept searching. One night, I had a dream in which I saw Venus inside the Sun. I knew somehow this dream held the key and I needed to trust it. Later, I found that Venus was conjunct the Sun when I had that dream. Such was the beginning of the magic that introduced me to classical astrology and, from there, I discovered electional astrology, horary astrology, theurgy and Hermeticism which is the philosophical paradigm behind astrology. All magic that gave me a wonderful sense of the stuff the world is made of and a spiritual practice that I embody every day.