Faith McInerney

God is in the Details – The TransNeptunian Points, Planets, Asteroids and Chiron

My interest has always been in objective, concrete and material delineations and how to identify the timing of an event. After all, I have Jupiter in Capricorn. That’s what drew me to the TransNeptunian points. Looking at more ways to refine and define the process of interaction and prediction in an every day way by examining how they work with the planets and asteroids. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve seen how these relationships play out on a concrete level. What manifests when they come in contact with planets and asteroids. A couple of years ago, I began looking at Chiron as well, using my usual approach. I really look forward to sharing what I have observed through all my research. Astrology is so rich with all the paths it offers. Whether it’s my focus, psychological astrology, or exploring the wealth of ancient techniques – to name just three. For me, though, the TransNeptunian points really flesh out astrology in practical and observable ways.