Frank Clifford

The Heart of Your Chart: 7 Steps to Horoscope Synthesis

Solar Arc Directions: An Interactive Session

I’m delighted that the UAC coordinators asked me to speak on two of my favourite subjects: a talk on interpretation and one on forecasting. I’ve given versions of these talks before, but one of the blessings of working in our field is that you never stop learning because every chart you read – and every client you meet – teaches you something new. So, my talks are always evolving and I’d get very bored if I presented the same chart examples every time! My inspiration for both UAC lectures is always my clients, watching how astrology works in their lives, hearing them ‘speak their charts’, and feeling privileged to be an astrologer in these interesting times. I began learning astrology with a biography in one hand and a birth chart in the other. I have Lois Rodden and her books to thank for that. There’s so much theory and technique bandied about, but the real ‘proof’ is in client work, and astrologers who work day in and day out with clients inspire me. Growing up and learning astrology in London, England, I’ve also been lucky enough to have access to some of the greatest astrology minds (mostly women’s) in that city, from Liz Greene to Lynn Bell, from Darby Costello to Deborah Houlding and Melanie Reinhart, to name a few.