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Trash Astrology

Does Uranus Make Me Gay?

I’ve always been fascinated by the history of astrology. Not so much history as recorded by who practiced what when and the techniques that they used, but history in how astrology influenced - and was in turn influenced by – the culture and milieu it operated in. My two lectures deal with very different premises that address astrology in popular culture. In the first lecture, I will show how it was the mass market that kept astrology alive here in the United States. Rather than cheapening astrology, it was the dime store books of fortune, dream interpretation guides, and sun sign horoscopes published in newspapers that disseminated and popularized astrology. Without these publications, astrology would have become extinct after it fell out of favor with the royal courts, churches, and academic curriculums of Europe. The second lecture shows how the planet Uranus became connected to reading homosexuality in a birth chart. In this instance, it is a trend in popular culture (the coining of the name “Uranian” by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs to describe both male and female homosexuals in 1867) that influences astrology. I will describe the evolution of Uranus from Plato to Boehm, Carpenter, Heimsoth and finally Jung. Here I will suggest that we revisit the archetype of the Divine Androgyne. The history of Uranus in astrology should show that it is not an archetype based on a heteronormative view of complimentary opposites but rather a transgender archetype which is unapologetically queer.