5 Questions with Kelly Surtees






What superhero power would you choose?

Invisibility. That way I could be somewhere and not be seen. There’s something about anonymity that appeals to be. Being present without being noticed.

What is your most vivid memory?

I have a lot. Being a young teenage girl learning the basics about astrology while sitting under a big tree in a park. It was so outside what my family is -- traditional, mainstream and Catholic. Oh, and then there’s landing in Canada in September, 2008, naïve and innocent. Leaving behind the green and the warmth of Australia to land in a snowy, wintry country. OMG

What’s the one thing you are most afraid of?

The people I love dying. I lost my mom when I was young.

What’s your favorite movie?

I am a sucker for all those Christmas movies. Also Love Actually. And The Notebook. This reveals how sucky and romantic I am.

What would you change about yourself?

I am generally comfortable in my own skin. But, from an inner perspective, I would change how much I worry about what others think.