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Calling All Prospective UAC 2012 Marketplace Vendors!

At this time all booths have been rented. If you'd like to be placed on the waitlist, please contact Tim Tucker at or 773-205-1589.

Vendor information and a floor plan of the marketplace is in the Exhibitor Information Brochure (PDF format).

Vendors and vendor layout (PDF format).

UAC 2012 Art Galerie!

The organizers have decided to not move ahead with the Art Galerie for UAC 2012. Your feedback will be used to develop the idea for a future conference. Thanks for your interest.

UAC 2012 Program Advertising

UAC 2012 is the world's largest gathering of professional astrologers. Over 270 classes, several pre- and post-conference workshops, and many other exciting events are planned for this remarkable conference. The faculty is comprised of 150 of the most highly respected astrologers from all over the world.

You can advertise your astrology-related product or service in the UAC 2012 Program Journal. If you are interested in one of the four largest placements, you must submit your name and payment info for a lottery. More details about the lottery, advertising guidelines and prices are on this information sheet. If you have additional questions, or to place your ad, please contact Jillian Kerry by phone at 734-395-4999, or by e-mail at